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We deliver various medical devices and services sourcing from both local and international market in collaboration with our sister company DR Medical Technologies P.L.C.

Our products are of high quality and reliable which manifests the company’s integrity.

Currently, we are official partners of: RTI Group (Sweden), ZONCARE Ultrasound, Aohua Endoscopy Co.Ltd, AGFA healthcare, Hisky Med (Fibrotouch), DK Health Care and mindray.


We consult for high-end technology implementation at clients’ site or implementation of new technology according to the clients’ requirement or upgrading, enhancing the existing facilities in the client side with the new technology integrated with the existing one. BMY offers a full range of consulting services to help our customers increase their business. Our consulting services cover:

  • Health care facility building and design
  • Re-engineering
  • Radiation protection, etc.

Our capabilities of offering "turn-key" advice in Ethiopia for todays most advanced Diagnostic Imaging Systems is a well-known success we are providing; with the highest quality and most time efficient manner.


BMY medical technologies provide installation service for the products we sale and distribute.

BMY offer Supply, Delivery & Installation of:

  • All models Shanghai Aohua Photoelectricity Endoscope.
  • All models of AGFA Healthcare Products (CR Machine, Printer, etc...)
  • All models of DK Health Care Products
  • All models of Hisky med Products (FibroTouch)
  • All models of Zoncare Products.
  • All models of mindray Products.


We offer specialized technical training of the medical equipment for the local technician/biomedical engineers of our customers. This training is designed to help your engineering staff achieve new levels of knowledge while improving productivity.


We provide radiation safety assessment in collaboration with our sister company for Plain radiography (fluoroscopy), Dental radiography, Computed Tomography, Interventional Radiography, Mammography, Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauge (NDG) and any device capable of generating radiation with the help of state-of-the-art radiation safety and QC Test devices manufactured by RTI Group.


BMY Medical Technologies Plc continues to satisfy the end-user customers with top quality after sale service. We have standby engineers who are ready to help you any time, with a guarantee of 24-hours response.

Our team of experts is ready to serve you when you are worried due to lack of confidence in “commitment of service”. You are hereby requested to call us for any kind of requirement concerning medical technology and services whenever you need.

Product list

  • Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Digital imaging printer
  • Patient Monitor
  • X-ray Synchronizer and Imaging Panel Detector
  • Digitizer (Digital to Analog Converter)
  • Endoscopy

Our Partners

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BMY Medical Technologies

BMY Medical Technologies PLC is providing an all rounded medical technologies throughout Ethiopia. The main focus areas include, but are not limited to, Radiation safety assessment, import, export, and distribution of medical devices. 



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House No: NEW/G006. Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Next to Ras Desta Hospital in Gutter Building.

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